Hot Rolling Mill

Grinding quality on the next level

When producing hot strip, all production stages must perform according to the highest standards and run in a perfectly synchronized way. One of the keys in the production process is the roll machining. If faulty rolls are in operation, they cause deviations from the profile and surface flaws on the hot strip, which directly impair the quality of the end product.

Herkules has delivered customized solutions to hot rolling mills for many decades. Roll machining technology made by Herkules is the foundation of hot strip that fulfills the highest quality standards. Herkules offers a broad range of machine concepts for the precise and efficient machining of different types of rolls – with and in chocks, too. The extremely robust machines combine excellent damping characteristics with state-of-the-art controls and quality management devices.

Herkules also offers complete roll shops with any required level of automation and comprehensive equipment. Our experts are happy to support you in finding the perfect solution.

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