Aluminum Industry

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Foil rolling mills, hot or cold rolling mills – in the aluminum industry, a consistent material thickness and flawless surfaces of the aluminum strip are the most important requirements by the manufacturer and the customer. Considering the rolling speed of up to 2,500 m/min in a foil rolling mill, this is a great challenge for the grinding and the geometrical accuracy of the roll.

Herkules has manufactured roll grinders for customers in the aluminum industry for many decades. Based on this experience, Herkules has developed ideal solutions for these applications. Outstanding damping characteristics of the machines guarantee the best grinding results for customers with the highest demands. In addition, Herkules offers inspection technology for reliable quality management with its Eddy Current and Ultrasonic systems.

The product range for the aluminum industry is complemented by texturing machines. They are used to  obtain deep-drawing and paintability characteristics.

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