Paper Industry

Roll machining as a success factor

Modern paper mills are characterized by high flexibility, productivity and quality. Paper machines have become ever faster, broader and more efficient in the past decades. A working speed of up to 2,200 m/min is not uncommon. Therefore, the rolls in operation must be machined to the highest quality standards. In order to achieve this, roll grinders must be designed to work extremely precisely, as well as provide high flexibility. Rolls with various lengths, diameters, weights and coatings have to be machined efficiently.

To reach this goal, Herkules has developed customized machine concepts for the paper industry. Its roll grinders have been developed with the aim of machining paper rolls with lengths of up to 17.5 m and diameters of up to 2.5 m. A broad range of optional equipment is available to customers. This allows superfinishing of roll coatings, venta-nip milling or machining in chocks. CC roll drives are also available.

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