Creativity meets know-how

Thanks to constant development, Herkules has been the worldwide market leader in roll machining for many decades. The history and the success of Herkules are closely connected with pioneering innovations – in 2001, Herkules received a patent for MonolithTM technology. Thanks to this innovative sandwich design, the MonolithTM machine beds absorb vibrations and thus guarantee homogenous roll surfaces. In addition, the construction is inherently rigid as well as thermostable and does not require a foundation.

Best surface quality

The measurement and control systems, developed specifically for Herkules machines by HCC/KPM, are the only ones worldwide to permit correction grinding on the fly. Measuring results are recorded by measuring probes which, in combination with ultra-fast machine control, allow for corrections to be made during the grinding process itself. Geometrical mistakes and unnecessary machine runs are avoided.

The most recent chapter in the history of Herkules was shaped by Herkules MACHtechnology. Developed in cooperation with the Austrian producer of grinding wheels MACH ROTEC, this technology package is the first to allow for the economical and reproducible finishing of rolls using CBN grinding wheels.

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