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200th roll grinder with Monolith™ bed sold

More than 16 years ago, Herkules presented its machines with Monolith™ beds for the first time. Back then, nobody anticipated that the new technology would be established as such a successful alternative to classic machine beds. Monolith™ beds and their patented sandwich design feature many advantages: set-up free foundation, smaller space requriements and excellent damping characteristics as well as high thermostability. Now, Herkules received the order for the 200th Monolith™ roll grinder.

The anniversary machine goes to Shandong Yuanrui Metal Material in China. The machine of the type WS 250 will be used in the highly precise machining of rolls for the production of aluminum foil. It is the second Herkules machine for the Shandong Deli Group. This new commissioning shows: quality always prevails in the end – as do the previous 199 orders for Monolith™ machines.

Herkules covers a comprehensive range of Monolith™ machines. Among them, you will find the right solution whether you need to machine small Sendzimir rolls or plate mill back-up rolls with weights up to 150 t. The largest Monolith™ machine so far, a WS 1100 that grinds back-up rolls in chocks, has just been completed. It will take up operation in the production of Outokumpu in Finland in the coming months.

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