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Roll grinder with high-precision measuring controls for Neo Industries

The American contract grinder Neo Industries LCC, Inc. has purchased a WS 450 × 5500 CNC Monolith™ for its service center, which was recently installed at the customer's plant.

Thanks to the future-oriented Monolith™ machine beds, vibrations that occur are effectively dampened and the technology guarantees homogeneous roll surfaces. The inherently rigid construction, the thermostable properties and the foundation-free placement directly on the shop floor offer the customer clear advantages. Equipped with high-quality measuring systems such as C-Frame Caliper, Creeping Wave and the Eddy Current measurement system, machines from Herkules offer Neo Industries excellent quality and reliable precision in grinding results.

U.S. Steel Corporation for Granite City Works acquires Herkules machine for its hot strip mill

How do you completely convince a customer? When quality and performance are satisfying. KPM, the revamping specialist of the HerkulesGroup, is already known to the U.S. Steel Corporation. The HerkulesGroup Company was commissioned in April 2019 to modernize a Farrel machine, which was successfully completed in November 2019. This is where Herkules comes into play: Apparently, KPM left a lasting impression, so that in the future the U.S. Steel Corporation will also place its trust in a roll grinding machine from Herkules.

Since the installation in 2020, the WS 600 × 600 CNC Monolith™ will be used to process the hot strip mill rolls at the company's plant in Granite City. The roll grinding machine is equipped with fully integrated measuring systems. The measuring systems offer real-time processing and analysis: During the grinding process, data is collected and directly evaluated. The control values are adjusted “on the fly” during the process in the control. The U.S. Steel Corporation can be sure that a Herkules machine and services from the HerkulesGroup can fully meet their requirements.

Logan Aluminum uses a roll grinder with Monolith™ machine bed for its demanding rolls

The advantages of the Monolith™ technology are unbeatable. As a longstanding customer of the HerkulesGroup, Logan Aluminum Inc. intentionally chose a Herkules roll grinding machine WS 600 × 6000 Monolith™ with the patented design. In addition to the advantages of the foundation-free Monolith™ bed, the customer benefits from fully integrated HCC/KPM measuring systems like Eddy Current or Roughness Scattered Light Detection. Highly precise results, the latest technologies – with a machine from Herkules, Logan Aluminum has all the advantages on its side.

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