Giving Home, Heart and Hope

HerkulesGroup and Gontermann-Peipers Support the Kinderinsel of the DRK Children‘s Hospital in Siegen

"Tradition, consistency and community are the values that have brought us to where we are today. And we want to focus on these values more than ever!" Maximilian Thoma, CEO of the HerkulesGroup companies, a Siegerland-based family-owned business, looks back on a great year 2023 "We are successful – and this is what we would like to share!"

On September 22nd, hundreds of HerkulesGroup employees celebrated a jolly Oktoberfest at the Siegen site. As it has often been the case before, this event was a welcome opportunity to support a local project close to our hearts: As part of a raffle, the celebrating employees generated a considerable amount of 2,640 euros, for the benefit of the Kinderinsel at the DRK children's hospital. But it was not only the employees from the Siegen site who contributed to the enormous amount of donations this year: Employees from all over Germany and the world who had traveled to the HerkulesGroup's Global Sales Meeting, were busy taking part at the raffle for a good cause! "The organization of the event is always an enormous team effort, but the enthusiasm of the participants and the touching willingness to donate are worth all of it. We are a great team!" explains Juliane Knuff, Event Manager at HerkulesGroup.

Back in April, there was another event worth celebrating. For his 40th birthday, CEO Maximilian Thoma asked family, friends and business partners to refrain from giving presents and to donate instead: "The Kinderinsel is an important local project for me and I have been keeping an eye on their work for a long time. The dedication and care that all of the nurses, doctors and volunteer helpers at the facility give to all those seriously ill children and their families is priceless. As a family business, we take every opportunity to draw attention to the project and support it." Gontermann-Peipers, neighbor of WaldrichSiegen and Herkules at the Siegen site and long-standing business partner of the HerkulesGroup, therefore did not hesitate to increase the donation amount of 9,360 euros by an enormous 8,000 euros via its own foundation. Established in 1999, the Gontermann-Peipers Foundation supports social and charitable initiatives and institutions in the region, thus making a major contribution to this important project. Managing Director Frieder Spannagel was personally keen to show his commitment: "We are not only connected byimmediate neighborhood, but much more by a decades-long business relationship and the friendship between our two families, which particularly thrives on the fact that we, the HerkulesGroup and Gontermann-Peipers, speak the same language. We take our responsibility as major employers in the region very serious and are proud to jointly support such an important institution as the Kinderinsel in our region!"

The total amount of 20,000 euros was personally handed over to the DRK Children's Hospital by Kristina Köhler (Herkules), Juliane Knuff (Herkules), Theresa Ullrich (Gontermann Peipers) and Dr. Knust (Gontermann Peipers) on December 19th, 2023.

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