New year, new resolutions

Eat healthier, exercise more and maybe lose a pound or two. As a little motivation, we'll show you what our team at Herkules USA achieved last year through their Health Fair and Weight Loss Challenge.

Last year, employees at Herkules USA in Ford City, PA participated in their inaugural Health Fair. The event not only aimed to promote healthier lifestyles but also raised funds for a noble cause.

Collectively, they shed an impressive 154 pounds over a ten-week period showcasing their commitment to personal well-being and inspiring others to follow suite. Those participating made straight donations or had the option to have sponsors at a certain amount per pound lost.

The Weight Loss Challenge went beyond the individual achievements of each participant, as it also served as a touching tribute to their colleague Bonnie Huth, who passed away last year. A tremendous amount of money was donated in Bonnie's memory to the local animal organization Orphans of the Storm. The winner of the challenge was Shirley Kube, who had lost 14.1% of her original body weight.

Teresa Frain, the driving force behind this initiative expressed her gratitude for the dedication and support shown by her colleagues. She emphasized the importance of fostering a healthy work environment and encouraged everyone to continue prioritizing their well-being.

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