Herkules Concludes Two New Orders on the Egyptian Market Within Only One Week

Suez Steel Company, an Egyptian company for the production of high-strength steels, has opted for Herkules and thus acquired an extremely powerful NNF notch milling machine. “We enjoy an excellent reputation on the Egyptian market, which is why the customer made a conscious decision to award the contract to us,” says Sales and Project Manager Tobias Wurm. “The machine performance also played a decisive role for our customer El - Marakby Steel when placing the order,” explains Tobias Wurm. “In the end, Herkules was able to convince the customer comprehensively!”

The main characteristics of our NNF machines are the excellent damping properties and the high rigidity to guarantee an almost vibration free machining of the workpieces. „The excellent quality of our in-house manufactured machine components enhances the longevity significantlly,“ explains Tobias Wurm. The notch milling machine will be manufactured at our second German production site in Meuselwitz and will be equipped with our high-class measuring technology and an additional logo milling device, which will ensure that Suez Steel's quality products are recognizable at first glance.

Almost simultaneously, another big success with our longtime customer Ezz Steel, a well-known manufacturer of long and flat steel products, was achieved – a retrofit order for existing Herkules machines. „We are very pleased to get the opportunity to modernize the existing machines with a new KP 10 machine control and also to completely overhaul the electrical and mechanical components. The machines have been performing at the highest level and to the complete satisfaction of our customer for many years, so this is a great achievement for us,“ Tobias Wurm explains. „Following the modernization process, the machines will be state-of-the-art and will continue to perform at the highest level with extremely short machining times and low service costs for many years to come.“

However, our customers are not only impressed by the exceptional quality of our machines, whose performance and reliability do not diminish even after years of use, but also by the excellent and trusting business relationships we maintain. “We advise and support our customers in all matters,” emphasizes Tobias Wurm. “The experience gained by Herkules over decades in the design and manufacture of machine tools is also fully utilized in modernizations. It has repeatedly shown, that it is a good decision to have existing machines modernized directly by us. This is because Herkules not only specializes in manufacturing customer-specific machines, but also in retrofits,” Tobias Wurm continues. “Thanks to SBA, our modernization specialist from Austria, we are not only unsurpassed when it comes to the sale of new machines, but also as a reliable partner for complete electrical and mechanical overhauls of our own and third-party machines.”

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