Successful HerkulesGroup Event Year Concluded with Golf Outing

In September, our management and specialists from Herkules and WaldrichSiegen met with our American customers in Ford City for an event of a special kind. At a golf outing at Lenape Heights Resort, we were able to close the successful HerkulesGroup Event Season 2022 together.

In addition to the sporting competition, the main focus was on networking. Because not only our customers, but also our experts from Germany and Ford City enjoyed the direct exchange. "In direct talks, we can find our our customers' requirements, concerns and wishes and respond to them in the best possible way," explains Dr. Thorsten Mehlhorn, President & CSO. "During all of our customer events this year, we have repeatedly found from customer feedback that nothing helps strengthen our customer partnerships better than direct exchange," says Dr. Mehlhorn. "In the future, such events will also become a regular feature and regularity at Herkules and WaldrichSiegen."