Lotte Aluminium Produces Battery Foil in Hungary

A constant material thickness and an absolutely flawless surface are the most important requirements placed on high quality aluminum foil. With rolling speeds of up to 2,500 m/min, this poses a considerable challenge when it comes to the perfect grinding of the rolls and their geometric accuracy. For the new Hungarian mill of our South Korean customer Lotte Aluminium LLC Hungary, the choice therefore was made for a WS 450 KL Monolith™.

In the future, the supplier for battery cell manufacturers will produce ultra-thin aluminum foil as a sensitive carrier material in the new production plant, which will be used primarily for rechargeable batteries in electromobility. Absolute homogeneity of the surface roughness is a top priority here. Using Roughness Scattered Light Detection (RSLD), the surface roughness of the roll is determined and documented with scattered light to ensure perfect homogeneity.

Another highlight is the Roll Surface Inspection System (RSIS measuring system), which reliably detects possible surface flaws by means of a reflected laser beam and determines the surface quality of the roll with a threshold analysis. Defects are thus efficiently detected in advance and unnecessary roll changes are reduced to a minimum thus increasing the productivity of the rolling mill.

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