New knife grinding machine for roll shops

Herkules Meuselwitz

Besides single roll machining machines, Herkules also offers complete roll shops as a tailor-made solution from one single source. The development of a knife grinding machine by Herkules Meuselwitz is a further expansion of the product range in this field. Herkules Meuselwitz makes full use of its long experience in the area of flat grinding in the production of these machines.

The shear knives are taken up on swivellable electro-permanent magnetic clamping plates. Both straight and curved knives with a grinding length of 1 - 5 m can be ground. As an option, the machine can be equipped with a rotary table for grinding circular blades with a maximum diameter of 500 mm. The machine is operated with a KP 50 control made by HCC/KPM. This control is a HerkulesGroup development and therefore provides a consistent operating philosophy for the benefit of our customers.

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