New KP 10 roll grinder control with intuitive touch control


Operating highly complex machine tools requires a high level of professionalism – and appropriately trained staff is hard to find. An operator-friendly machine control is therefore a clear production advantage. The most powerful and versatile roll grinder control in the market, the KP 10 by HCC/KPM, is available in a modernized version now and sets new standards with respect to operator friendliness. The highlight of the new control: a touchscreen that simplifies and speeds up operation of the machine.

Thanks to the redesigned and optimized user interface, the most important data is always in plain view of the operator. The panel is used by touch, like a smartphone or tablet PC. Plain and simple coloring, symbols and graphics support navigation and data input.

The user interface offers a well-structured display of the ongoing grinding process: despite the clear, uncomplicated structure, it allows for highly demanding applications. The comfortable program editor, combined with a menu-driven determination of the production steps, simplifies the creation of a grinding process and avoids any operating errors. Even complex curves and programs can be created, edited and carried out easily. Explanatory graphs help the user when editing parameters. Comprehensive input assistance and context-related help functions provide thorough support to the user. As an example, control messages can be located easily by referring to a circuit diagram; thus, the cause of the malfunction is easily diagnosed.

The user interface is structured so clearly that it can be operated even by less experienced staff with minimal training – elaborate training is no longer necessary. Traversing motions always have to be released using a hardware button. A high level of user safety is thus guaranteed. Measuring and inspection systems such as roll shape measuring devices, Eddy Current or Ultrasonic (non-destructive testing) are fully integrated into the control to provide trouble-free quality management.

Future-proof: state-of-the-art technology

The KP 10 control runs on a Windows 10 IoT 64-Bit operating system and a PLC based on Beckhoff TwinCAT 3.1. The industrial PC is equipped with the current processor generation Core™ i5. Thus equipped according to the latest level of technology, the control is completely future-proof. The control panel is resistant and durable due to its closed front structure and available in either 18.5" or 24". It can be set up in a relatively large distance to the PC thanks to its extremely robust image transmission technology.

The new version of the KP 10 control takes its place in the powerful range of controls made by HCC/KPM. The company is a member of the HerkulesGroup and specialized exclusively in the development and manufacture of control and measuring devices. The KP 10 control is specifically designed for roll grinders and sets the benchmark worldwide – more than 1,000 HCC/KPM controls have been in operation in the market since the product launch in 1999.

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