Performance and quality on a higher level

P 500 Power heavy-duty lathe

Herkules works incessantly on optimization and technical enhancement of its product portfolio. Constant contact with end users keeps Herkules aware of the demands of everyday practice. This allows it to offer tailor-made solutions. With the further development of the P 500 lathe, Herkules has proved once again that it can meet the complex, increasing demands of the market with technical advances.

For the machining of medium size work pieces, up to a diameter of ca. 1,200 mm, the steel and mechanical engineering industries require powerful machines. The machines need maximum stiffness to achieve superior surface qualities at high removal rates. The Herkules P 500 heavy duty lathe has always excelled in this respect. With its technical innovations, the P 500 Power raises the bar in the market even higher.

Redesign of the guideways

The main design changes concern the guideways of the support and radial facing slide. The facial slide guideway (X-axis) has been transformed into a box guideway system. The result: higher stiffness in the infeed axis of the facing slide. The geometry of the support guideways has also been modified, to a double prismatic design. This makes for considerably higher stiffness. The machine can handle the cutting forces much better. It guarantees vibration-free cuts and superb surface quality.

All-rounder for heavy cutting

Impressed with the performance of the new P 500 Power, Badische Stahlwerke GmbH decided to purchase a machine. Soon, the Herkules lathe will machine the rolls for their shape rolling mill.

Beyond this classic application, the P 500 Power can handle a wide range of tasks that require the machining of large, rotationally symmetric work pieces. A comprehensive spectrum of optional accessories makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. One can equip the lathe as required, with diverse milling or grinding tools, and with closed-loop control for the head stock C-axis.

Guaranteed performance and quality, combined with custom features, – this makes the P 500 Power the all-rounder for heavy cutting.

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