Ten Herkules roll grinding machines for Rizhao Steel

Roll grinders for ESP lines

The Chinese Rizhao Steel Holding Group has acquired the tenth WS 450 × 6000 CNC Monolith™ roll grinding machine from Herkules. Every plant in the company already uses Herkules machines, which are used to implement Endless Strip Production (ESP) technology. In a combined casting and rolling plant, paper thin hot strip made of liquid steel is produced - a high-precision job that requires perfect rolls and correspondingly precise grinding machines.

The Herkules roll grinding machines impress with their short processing times and reduce the stock removal to a necessary minimum thanks to the measuring and control systems from HCC/KPM. The roll consumption is significantly reduced. In addition to efficient grinding, the Monolith™ technology ensures homogeneous roll surfaces and strict adherence to required machining tolerances.


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