No Chance for Inaccuracies: WS 250 Monolith™ with C-Frame Caliper

To achieve consistent quality and reliable results, Italian manufacturer OCSA Officine di Crocetta S.p.A. continues to rely on Herkules' outstanding roll grinders, choosing a WS 250 Monolith™ with specially developed HCC/KPM grinder control and C-Frame caliper for its cold rolling mill in Crocetta del Montello.

The machine grinds work rolls up to a barrel diameter of 450 mm and a weight of 1.1 t, which are used by the customer to produce cold-rolled steel strip and must have a suitably high-quality surface after the grinding process - because precise roll grinding is indispensable for a high-quality end result. Any inaccuracy can lead to flaws in the rolled products. Therefore, the machine is additionally equipped with a C-Frame caliper. This measuring system checks and measures the shape, roundness and alignment of the roll with high precision and thus guarantees a consistently excellent grinding result.

The Monolith™ design also guarantees absolute homogeneity of the roll surface thanks to excellent damping properties for virtually vibration-free operation.

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