WS 600 Monolith™ Roll Grinder for Italian Manufacturer Profilglass S.p.A.

To ensure the highest geometric accuracy of rolls and absolute surface quality in the aluminum industry, customers worldwide rely on the excellent reputation of Herkules roll grinding machines - just like Profilglass S.p.A..

For grinding its work and back-up rolls in the cold and hot rolling mill, the Italian manufacturer of flat-rolled aluminum products has chosen a WS 600 Monolith™ roll grinder, which grinds rolls weighing up to 68 tons. The clincher: Thanks to our many years of experience, the machine for Profilglass is perfectly tailored to our customer's requirements. The machine masters a unique spectrum between the fine machining of the cold work rolls and the heavy machining of the back-up rolls for the hot rolling mill. Thanks to innovative eddy current and ultrasonic measurement, no roll damage goes undetected.

The Eddy Current sensor reliably detects cracks on the roll surface, while the ultrasonic sensor also detects defects both close to the roll surface and deep inside the roll core. All systems can be controlled in the same way via the KP10 control unit. The simple and user-friendly user interface is self-explanatory and can be learned quickly without time-consuming training. Grinding and measurement data are recorded and processed in real time and are available on demand at any time.

The machine also impresses with its foundation-free, space-saving machine installation in Monolith™ design - an innovative alternative to the classic machine foundation for almost vibration-free and thermostable operation, which significantly increases the machining accuracy and thus guarantees an essentially flawless end product. The high surface accuracies that are a prerequisite for the production of aluminum sheets are thus achieved with no problem.

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