Roll Inspection – Eddy Current & Ultrasonic

Early detection of roll defects

In order to minimize downtime in hot rolling mills, it is important to identify defect rolls early. This is why HCC/KPM has developed surface inspection technologies that reliably locate cracks and other defects near the surface which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Eddy Current measuring reliably locates open cracks and changes in the roll texture. Since the Eddy Current sensor is integrated in the roll measuring system, all measurements are carried out during grinding and therefore without delay. Manufacturing defects within the roll as well as fatigue from operation in the mill are detected during a separately running ultrasonic inspection. After the inspection the operator immediately knows whether the roll is free of defects. In case a defect is found, its size, structure and position on the roll are indicated.

Eddy Current and Ultrasonic systems can either be used as stand-alone devices or integrated in the machine control. In order to reduce the number of mechanical components, the systems are integrated in the existing measuring devices.

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