P-series lathes

State-of-the-art lathes

The turning lathes of the P-Series round off the portfolio of heavy-duty lathes for medium-sized and large workpieces. Manufactured always of high-quality machine casting components, the machines are characterized by high torques at the headstock and perfect concentricity. Based on years of experience, each lathe is customized individually to the requirements of the customer. Thus, Herkules will find the right solution for your machining task. Numerous fitting options make our lathes universally applicable – for example to include milling operations.

The P-Series lathes are used for machining section rolls, flat rolling mill rolls, forged steel roller shafts and rotors, among other tasks. There are various machine types to choose from. Herkules experts are happy to advise you on the right lathe for your application.

Solutions tailored to your application

The P-Series lathes by Herkules stand for precision, high performance and efficiency. Oversized main shafts and their bearings are common for heavy-duty lathes. For particularly demanding cutting tasks, Herkules heavy-duty lathes are designed as reinforced versions (Power version). There are various machine types to choose from. Herkules experts are happy to advise you to find the ideal machine for your application. Using a wide range of equipment, the machine is tailored to your individual requirements.

Robust machine technology

+ Machine bed

Designed with 4-bed guideways, our robust and stable turning saddles travel along the entire working area of the machine independently of tailstock, steady rests or roller guides. Due to wide, integrated drop-out openings for shavings, thermal deformation is ruled out. All guideways are induction-hardened and absolutely wear-free due to the combination of an effective lubrication system and plastic coverings.

+ Headstock

Highest torque and concentricity – Herkules' proven design principles guarantee the excellent stability of our headstocks: forged main shafts, gear and switching shafts made of one piece, ground cogwheels with hardened flanks and special main bearings. On request, we equip the machines with a master/slave driven C-axis for precise angular positioning during milling.

+ Tailstock

As a counter-bearing to the headstock, the tailstock is subject to the same requirements in terms of stability, concentricity and damping. The oversized main bearing allows the rotation of the complete main shaft and thus the use of large, permanently built-in centers, allowing for the secure mounting of workpieces in centers up to the mechanical limit.

+ Turning saddle and carriage

Herkules heavy-duty lathes are delivered with one or two turning saddles, depending on our customer's requirements. Up to a certain machine length, the longitudinal motion of the carriage is implemented with a zero-backlash ball screw; beyond that length, it is fitted with a master/slave drive. The infeed of the turning saddle also takes place via a backlash-free, oversized ball screw. The upper carriage, equipped with one or two facing slides, fully integrated in the CNC control on request, can be fitted with a vertical or horizontal turret.

+ CNC controls

Modern CNC controls of renowned manufacturers guarantee the precise machining of workpieces. Preferably, we equip machines of the P-Series with our own KP-20 control, which is ideally tailored to the machining requirements and complemented with numerous programing aids. This control concept is based on Beckhoff hardware and HCC/KPM software with its own software PLC.


+ Milling unit

For drilling and milling operations, we offer an optional milling unit which is mounted on the tool slide. This unit performs up to 18 kW and 1,500 rev/ min, with a 4-axes adjustment and an ISO 50 tool holder.

+ Notch and logo milling unit

For rebar manufacturers, Herkules offers a notch milling unit. It is mounted on the tool slide and machines structural steel profiles with diameters between 6 and 75 mm. A further milling unit is available on request to mark your products with your logo.

+ Steady rests and roller guides

A large number of customer-specific workpiece accommodation devices is available for different machining operations and loading situations:

  • 3-roller steady rests, also available in C shape
  • 2-roller roller guides
  • hydrostatic steady rests

Performance characteristics

Herkules can realize the following performance characteristics for you:

  • Workpiece diameters of up to 1,500 mm
  • Turning lengths according to customer specification
  • Workpiece weights in centers of up to 40 t
  • Torques up to 80,000 Nm
  • Drive performance up to 210 kW

Herkules P 600

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