Modernizing your machine

As good as new after decades of operation

Even a machine that has always been kept in perfect shape needs to be modernized or revamped after decades of productive use. The experience in designing and manufacturing machine tools Herkules has gathered over decades means it has all the specific expertise needed for modernizations, as well.

Herkules offers professional advice and develops individual concepts perfectly tailored to your needs – with regard to all qualitative, quantitative and safety-related aspects. Experience gained with machine elements and assembly groups when manufacturing new machines benefits machine modernizations. This way, you obtain a machine that features state-of-the-art technology and will be capable of highly productive machining for many decades to come. Spare parts availability and service by Herkules are guaranteed at any time. Machine modernizations by Herkules – the economical alternative to purchasing a new machine.

Tailored Modernization Concepts

Herkules has carried out machine modernizations for many years. It offers different modernization options depending on whether you wish to regain the original productivity of the machine or optimize its capacity.

Option 1: Restoring the original capacity of the machine

  • Repair of mechanical components
  • Replacement of electrical equipment (such as switch cabinet, drives, sensors, pumps and control elements)

Option 2: Enhancement of capacity and installation of additional functions for a more flexible use

  • Repair of existing mechanical components
  • Replacement of electrical equipment (e.g. switch cabinet, drives, sensors, pumps and control elements)
  • Integration of a new NC control
  • Integration of desired additional functions (e.g. automatic lubrication systems, new steady rests, etc.)

Option 3: Complete modernization for a state-of-the-art machine tool

  • Replacement of existing mechanical components (e.g. new grinding saddle)
  • Installation and integration of an online measuring system and a CNC control
  • Replacement of the complete electrical equipment by more powerful drives and a new switch cabinet
  • Installation of additional functions (e.g. Eddy Current or Ultrasonic crack detection devices)

The experts at Herkules are happy to advise you on the right modernization option for your machine.

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