Corporate culture

Much more than technology

Commitment is not limited to machines and technical solutions at Herkules. Social commitment has been an integral part of the corporate identity from the beginning. The responsibility towards its own employees is taken very seriously and actively implemented. The employees value a family-owned business – every year, many employees celebrate their 25th, 40th or 50th service anniversaries.

A broad range of commitment

Whether in sports, architecture, arts or culture: promoting social endeavors is an essential part of Herkules’ corporate culture. The project “Der Siegerländer Weg” supports young, talented football players in building a career alongside their sports activities at 1. FC Kaan-Marienborn. Thus, it offers them a professional perspective after their athletic career. The opportunities include apprenticeships and studying. Herkules gains talented and ambitious employees through this project.

The corporate culture is also characterized by the patronage of the arts and culture. Herkules supports talented artists and helps funding several cultural institutions, such as the local Apollo theater and the museum of contemporary art in Siegen. In the offices, on the landings and in meeting rooms, various pieces of art invite employees and visitors to converse and discuss.