Texturing Machines

Pioneering texturing technology

Designed to achieve first-rate finished products

The roll machining portfolio offered by Herkules is complemented by texturing machines. These are perfect for all customers who apply the highest standards to the quality of their flat products. If sheet or package foil has to meet the highest standards with regard to painting and deep drawing characteristics, texturing machines are the solution.

The texturing machines offered by Herkules are characterized by a high degree of efficiency, productivity and availability. Depending on the number of rolls to be machined, we offer the perfect machine type for you. They all have one thing in common: they guarantee homogeneous surface roughness within the tightest tolerances with exactly defined roughness and a programmable number of peak counts per centimeter. Due to a higher contact ratio and the surface structure of the rolls, operation time of rolls in the mill can be significantly extended.

The output of a texturing machine totals 1,200 rolls per month. The highly flexible machine design covers a large number of roll sizes and diameters.

Quality in every detail

From the control to the electrodes – each component of our texturing machines is characterized by outstanding quality.

Water-cooled high-performance generators ensure the high productivity of the machines. Electrodes are made of pure copper and given a hollow form. Not only do they have a long service life, they are also especially suitable for being flushed in clean dielectric fluid.

A control unit, developed specifically for texturing machines, features several advantages: a clearly structured display, intuitive handling and user-friendliness. Thanks to the measuring systems which complement the texturing machines, loading, coupling, and adjusting the height of the rolls are carried out fully automatically.

As an option, texturing machines are integrated into a complete roll shop. They can be combined with roll grinders and loaders in one joint system to take their efficiency even further.

Technical data

The texturing machines feature the following technical details:

  • Surface roughness achieved: 0,5 to more than 15 µm
  • Roll weight up to 10 t
  • Roll diameter up to 800 mm
  • Output of over 1,200 rolls per month
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