Precise Grinding Results and Highest Form Accuracies Even On Carbide Surfaces

Our Italian customer Officine Meccaniche Odolesi S.p.A., which already purchased a notch milling machine from Herkules in 2017, has now acquired an HS 3 groove grinder for contour and deep pass grinding of roll rings.

Roll rings are precision components whose quality significantly influences the manufacture of the end product in the rolling mill. Precise grinding to achieve the required surface accuracies is indispensable here. With the HS 3 groove grinder, the grooves of the roll rings can be reground to the highest degree of shape accuracy and surface quality using the deep pass or contour grinding method, while at the same time achieving the shortest possible machining times.

The high productivity and precision of the machine during the machining process of the extremely hard surfaces played a decisive role in the purchase decision. The high cutting performance as well as the excellent damping properties and the high rigidity of the machine ensure precise grinding results and vibration-free operation.

Furthermore, the machine is equipped with our HerkulesGroup KP20 control. This has been specially developed for the many different tasks by HCC/KPM , a HerkulesGroup company. It combines all control and regulating functions of the machine.

The machine has already been installed at the end customer’s facility in Italy and is achieving excellent results.

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