Shanxi North Copper Counts on Herkules for Copper Foils

Whether as a flat insulating material to protect electronic devices, for the production of printed circuit boards or for the manufacture of batteries for the rapidly growing e-mobility industry – copper foils are used everywhere and are among the most sensitive and demanding foils to manufacture.

China’s Shanxi North Copper New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is involved in the mining, smelting and processing of copper and has selected two WS 250 × 3,000 CNC Monolith™ roll grinders to machine all of its roll stand rolls. With the patented Monolith™ technology, the machine has excellent damping properties. The inherently rigid design is also thermostable and foundation-free.

Especially for the machining of slim rolls, the machines are equipped with an automatic single-point support steady rest. The use of this single-point steady rest, which is opposite the grinding wheel, prevents the rolls from sagging, thus ensuring the highest dimensional accuracy and the best quality of the foils produced.

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