With Customized Products to the Perfect Grinding Solution in the Aluminum Industry

To expand its product portfolio to include the production of high-quality and ultra-thin aluminum foils and sheets, the manufacturer of aluminum extrusion products, composite systems and industrial profiles from Cerkezköy (Tekirdag province), Saray Döküm ve Madeni Aksam San. Turizm A.S., decided to purchase a WS 450 S x 4500 CNC Monolith™ roll grinding machine. The work and back-up rolls with diameters ranging from 250 mm to 1,000 mm that will be used for aluminum foil production in the future will be ground reliably and precisely on the new machine.

"We are particularly pleased about this new reference in the aluminum foil market, which is so important for us and, above all, is growing strongly," explains Denis Albayrak, who has been supporting the sales team of Maschinenfabrik Herkules and working with the customer since 2022. "In the customer's new rolling mill, aluminum is converted into a form that can be used industrially by producing very thin sheets and foils that are light and durable, but at the same time incredibly strong," Denis Albayrak continues. "In order to be able to produce the high-quality and ultra-thin aluminum products newly added to the customer's portfolio, the quality of the roll surface is of utmost importance. For this reason, the customer decided to additionally equip the machine with our extremely accurate and reliable measuring systems, the C-Frame 3-point measuring system and our laser measuring device Roll Surface Inspection System (RSIS), to achieve the best possible grinding results."

HCC/KPM's C-Frame Calipers are highly accurate devices for measuring rolls. The compact and stable design with swiveling arms makes the calipers usable for both very small and very large roll diameters. Together with HCC/KPM machine controls, the C-Frame Caliper allows corrections "on the fly", i.e. during the grinding process. The result: maximum efficiency and high-precision ground rolls.

For automatic detection of surface defects on the roll, HCC/KPM offers the Roll Surface Inspection System (RSIS) laser measuring device. In the post process, the RSIS detects the reflection of a laser beam on the roll surface and evaluates it. Processing defects such as chatter and feed marks, commas, clouds and similar defect patterns are thus reliably detected.

"Thanks to our hydrodynamic lubrication and the double V-guides, the grinding head is always optimally guided for small as well as large rolls, and this design ensures optimum grinding results and a long machine service life."

The roll grinder is also equipped with combi-steady rests and soft loader, which supports safe operation of the machine and prevents possible damage during loading and unloading.

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