North China Aluminum purchases further Herkules machines for incomparable quality in battery foil production

The production of aluminum foil is subject to the strictest quality requirements and even the smallest imperfections on the roll surface lead to undesirable impairments of the end product, which is only a few μm thick. North China Aluminum New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of North China Aluminum Co., Ltd. (NCA) and one of the leading aluminum foil manufacturers in China has been convincing prestigious companies all over the world with high-end products for years. Our Chinese customer has been trusting in the high-quality standards of Maschinenfabrik Herkules for more than 20 years when it comes to equipping his highly modern plants in the province of Hebei.

NCA has now decided to add two additional Herkules machines to its machine park: a WS 450 L x 4,500 CNC Monolith™ and a WS 450 x 5,000 CNC Monolith™ roll grinding machine for machining work, intermediate and back-up rolls used in the production and further processing of aluminum foils for battery production.

Herkules roll grinding machines ensure the required perfection in geometry and surface quality of the roll, which is essential for a first-class end product. In addition to the design quality of the machines, the crucial benefits here lie in the unique control and measuring technology as well as a precisely defined, homogeneously ground surface roughness in geometric perfection. The “on the fly“ measuring and grinding process, controlled with the intuitive KP 10 control, ensures significantly shorter machining times thus leading to a higher availability. At the same time, the minimized stock removal extends the life cycles of the rolls used and therefore enables significant cost savings – most precise corrections during the grinding process for a flawless end result.

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